Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gay Robot Confronts Michele Bachmann

You really can't make this stuff up (sometimes).  Michele Bachmann came to Iowa City today and created a major stir at the Hamburg Inn.  Roughly 150 people showed up to greet her.  Some were supporters and some were protesters.  And one was a fricking gay robot:
Another attendee claimed to be a gay robot protesting Bachmann’s LGBT policy positions. He was booed out of the restaurant by supporters.
According to The Daily Iowan Live, that robot is Doctor RoboProfessor and he will not rest until Bachmann supports equal rights for gay humans and robots!!!  Check out video footage of poor Doctor RoboProfessor getting booed out of the Hamburg Inn:

Nearly a year ago, I posted an article featuring Protect Marriage Maryland's Robert Broadus where he testified at a marriage equality hearing and warned about the day when people will marry androids.  It seemed silly... or at the very lest far off into the distant future.  But now I've seen Doctor RoboProfessor in action and realize that human/android marriages aren't as far out and I'd imagined.  At least, not here in Iowa.

Fortunately, the police were called to remove some of the Occupy Iowa City protesters and Doctor RoboProfessor was able to leave the Hamburg Inn without getting damaged by the anti-AI horde.

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