Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Son Advanced in Tae Kwon Do Tonight

My son D'Angelo has been in tae kwon do for a couple years now.  It was his first self-initiated sport and (against my initial impression) he's managed to advance semester after semester with very few complaints.  He underwent some surgery last week, which might have interrupted his advancement.  Fortunately, we learned of the surgery right before TKD class so they let him test early and, as expected, D' earned his brown tip!

We went to class tonight for the advancement ceremony.  He wasn't able to participate in any of the exercises tonight because of his recovery process, but he was still able to get his brown tips.  We're all extremely proud of our TKD athlete!  Check it out:

Lining up the kids for the Belt Ceremony
D' posing with his Brown Tip Belt

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