Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santorum's Stump Speech Squashed by Sound

I found this kind of humorous.  Rick Santorum attended an event last night at Campbell Steele Gallery in nearby Marion, IA, for a political event.  He eneded up giving an unexpected 50-minute speech to the assembled crowd.  Unfortunately, he managed to piss off the gallery's owner, who proceded to shut down the event with blasts of loud music:
"I was only told at nine this morning that he may be coming," said a co-owner of the gallery, Craig Campbell, adding in his remarks yesterday that he was told the event would be a Christmas party. "No one said he was going to do a 50-minute stump speech."

The Republican presidential nominee actually gave an hour-long campaign speech and question-and-answer session with the National Contract Management Association. Santorum spoke to the group of defense contract employees — mostly from Rockwell Collins — about his national defense experience with the U.S. Senate Arms Service Committee, his extensive campaigning in Iowa and why they should ignore the polls that place him sixth in the race.

After Santorum stepped off the stage and a supporter stepped up summarizing and commenting Santorum's speech, the music volume spiked dramatically. After the volume was turned down, the man made a joke about whether he was required to sing along, but just as he said that the music blared again and he promptly left the stage.

Soon after, Campbell was seen striding across the Gallery where he confronted Santorum. "You are not my guy," he said to Santorum. "That was completely innapropriate."

Campbell explained that he supports free speech and the informative side of the campaigning process, where voters can learn where candidates stand on issues. But he said he had no intention of hosting an hour long campaign speech by a politician, when he was told he was hosting a christmas party that Santorum might be attending.

Though neither owner of the gallery was made aware of his visit by the organizers before Tuesday, the plan for Santorum to make a full campaign stop had been solidified long before, according to his website.
I feel bad for the gallery owner over the misrepresented event, but I don't know if I would've had the balls to pull that music stunt.

I also like this part of the Patch article:
Santorum has been in Iowa more often than any other GOP candidate. Over the course of his Iowa campaign, he has so far made 252 personal stops, sometimes appearing at several cities in the course of a day. The only other candidate that comes close to those numbers is Michele Bachmann, with 129 visits.
What they are saying here is that Santorum is visiting anywhere and everywhere he can in this state and personally connecting with more people than anyone else and he's still in sixth place.  Even BVP and The FAMiLY LEADER aren't backing the guy.  Santorum is spinning his wheels and going nowhere.

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