Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vander Plaats & The FAMiLY LEADER Endorse Rick Santorum

I've written before about thrice-failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats and The FAMiLY LEADER and their "Marriage Vow".  The FAMiLY LEADER required that all presidential candidates seeking their endorsement sign off on the "Marriage Vow", which demands that they support married couples and families and do everything in their power to protect America's families -- unless they happen to be gay families.  Then BVP wants the presidential candidates to do everything in their power to destroy those families.  The Marriage Vow also, among other things, demanded personal fidelity to the presidential first lady (or -- in the case of Marcus Bachmann -- the first dude).  This last part was creating conflict between Iowa's social conservatives because BVP was really courting serial adulterer Newt Gingrich.

The question of the moment was whether The FAMiLY LEADER would violate their own ideals by endorsing Newt or if they would take another route.  Looks like they took another route.

Earlier today, BVP and Chuck Hurley (The FAMiLY LEADER board member as well as Iowa Family Policy Center president) both publicly endorsed Rick Santorum for the GOP nomination:
He has been a stalwart and a soldier for the sanctity of human life and God’s design for the family, one man-one woman marriage…. So today, I as an individual am going to endorse Rick Santorum. I’m going to mobilize whatever resources I have at my disposal to advocate for him. I will not tear down another candidate…. I believe Rick Santorum comes from us. He comes from us, not just to us. He’s one of us…. I also recognize that we’re down to fourteen days minus Christmas.
BVP's endorsement might have the effect of catapulting 6th place Santorum into 4th place.  Possibly.

In related new, Iowa's Kingmaker apparently is doing whatever he can to get Michele Bachmann to drop out of the presidential race, at least according to Politico:
Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats called Michele Bachmann and urged her to drop out of the race and endorse Rick Santorum, a source with knowledge of the conversation told POLITICO Tuesday…Bachmann declined, the source said, noting to Vander Plaats that she has consistently polled ahead of Santorum in the race and still does.
As Marcus Bachmann might say, "Ooh, snap!"

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