Friday, December 2, 2011

Video: Andrew Marin Sees his "Love is an Orientation" DVD Curriculum for the Very First Time!

I was checking out my Twitter feed this evening while D'Angelo and his friends prepared for next week's Tae Kwon Do tests and came across the following message from Andrew Marin:
[Video] It's here! #LoveIsAnOrientationDVD just arrived to my office. So freaking cool! Watch here

The link leads Andrew's website and an embedded video of him opening up the boxes containing his brand new DVD Curriculum.  Check out the video.  He is so excited about this new project and I'm very excited for him:

He immediately tossed the disc into his DVD player -- and who wouldn't after receiving the concrete results of months of preparation and work???  This is what he tweeted while watching the DVDs: Blowing my mind watching #LoveIsAnOrientationDVD! Quite unreal to see @KBowlby @JonTrouten @heyDarren @knowhim310 & others on my TV!

The Marin Foundation and its "Love is an Orientation" products are not about curing gays or convincing evangelical Christians that they have to affirm gay and lesbian relationships or anything like that.  Instead, they are efforts to help these different groups learn how to coexist with each other more effectively despite our differences.  We've fought the culture war for decades with no success either way.  Now it's time for a different approach.

Follow this link to Andrew's website and learn how you can order your own copies of his new DVD Curriculum.

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