Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why Don't Gay and Lesbian Parents Provide Food or Health Care for Our Kids?

That's what the National Organization for Marriage is suggesting when it quoted Rep. Steve Drazkowski of Minnesota in an article titled "Minnesota Rep on the 'Desparate Argument' that Gay Marriage is an Economic Stimulus".  Drazkowski argued that 8 of the top 10 "best states for business" were states with state marriage amendments in their constitutions.  Which sounds terrible until you consider that 31 states have legal bans against gay marriages and only six states and jurisdictions currently allow gays and lesbians to marry.  Then it becomes statistically understandable that there would be more states with amendments on that list than without.

But this is the part of Drazkowski's speech that really makes you wonder what he (and NOM, for quoting it without comment or explanation) is trying to imply about gay and lesbian families:
The report “Sustainable Demographic Dividend: What Do Marriage and Fertility Have to Do with the Economy?” concludes that family decisions, like marriage, are closely intertwined with economic growth and profitability of large sectors of an economy. The report emphasized that children, raised in married, mother-father families, have an advantage when it comes to acquiring the skills and social capital they need to become well-adjusted, productive workers.

Children, raised in married, mother-father families play a huge factor in the health of the economy because they consume many services and goods, especially in child care, groceries, health care, home maintenance, household products, insurance and juvenile products.
Which kind of implies that children raised by gay and lesbian parents (and even single parents) don't get fed or taken to the doctor and that our homes are falling apart.  We apparently don't purchase toys for our kids, either.

Of course, the report that Drazkowski and NOM cite doesn't even discuss gay and lesbian families when coming out with its data.  It doesn't even attempt to address our families or our economic issues.  Which kind of implies that Drazkowski -- and, by proxy, NOM -- are pulling falsehoods out of their collective asses.

Let's be clear.  In most cases, gay and lesbian parents provide for our familiesOur kids are fed and medically cared forThey have homesOur homes are kept upTheir needs are met, if not surpassed.  In most cases, the children of gay and lesbian parents are wantedWe work very intentionally to create our families and to have children and to ensure that our children will not be neglected.  We don't experiences lapses or errors in our use of birth control.  We go through months of adoptive home studies or we spend lots of money on IVF treatments or surrogacy arrangements.  I'm not saying that there aren't bad gay or lesbian parents out there.  I know they exist.  But they are not as common as NOM and their allies want you to think.  In fact, in study after study, it has been found out that the children raised by gay and lesbian parents do just as good as our heterosexual counterparts.

Representative Drazkowski is lying when he asserted that his state won't benefit economically by allowing and recognizing the families of its gay and lesbian household and that our children are not cared for.  And NOM supports that lie.  Which makes you wonder what other lies about gay and lesbian families does NOM promote?

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