Thursday, January 19, 2012

Corporation Tries (and Fails) to Register to Vote in Johnson County, Iowa

Remember this past summer when Mitt Romney visited the Iowa State Fair and asserted: "Corporations are people, my friend." He was laughed off the stage, which led to fewer visits to Iowa's various communities during the subsequent months (which probably helped his campaign). But this idea of corporations as people has dogged both Romney and the GOP ever since.

Which leads to today. The day that I'm not at work to witness, a corporation attempted to register to vote here in Johnson County, Iowa. I checked the news to see if I could learn more about it, but so far Johnson County board supervisor Janelle Rettig's Twitter feed is my sole source of information about today's unsuccessful attempt for a corporation to register to vote.  Check it out:!/JanelleRettig/status/160056800698306561
Which was followed by:
Corporation that tried to Register to Vote today at the #Johnsoncounty Auditor's Office was denied. They had a corporate birth certificate
Which concluded with:
Here is the Corporation complete with the Corp Office trying to register to vote at #Johnsoncounty
If corporations are indeed people, then why indeed can't they vote? There are times that I really enjoy living in Johnson County, Iowa.

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