Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creator of Bachmann-Protesting Gay Robot Interviewed on PATV

Things were pretty crazy here in Iowa leading up to this month's Iowa Caucus. One of the crazier pre-Iowa Caucus event happened right here in Iowa City when Michele Bachmann made arrangements to visit the Hamburg Inn. She was greeted by supporters and also by protesters. One of those protesters was pretty unique. He was a gay robot named Doctor RoboProfessor who vowed that he would not rest until Bachmann supports equal rights for gay humans and robots!!! I found a transcript of Doctor RoboProfessor's protest since writing the original piece and the good Doctor really won me over:
Michele Bachmann! I am a gay robot. I am a gay robot. Do you support equal rights for gay robots? Not only are you a homophobe, you are a robophobe!... Michele Bachmann! I will not rest until you support equal rights for human and robot gay people. Not only are you a homophobe, you are a robophobe! I was programmed to do this! I cannot help myself. I am gay.
Doctor RoboProfessor's creator was interviewed for the Iowa City Publica Access Television station: "Yale talks with professor, author and filmmaker Kembrew McLeod about pranks, politics, protests, copyright laws in light of SOPA, and Gay Robots." Check it out:

McLeod talks about the making of a good prank and following up on those pranks in order to educate folks about why the prank was pulled. McLeod interestingly noted that the Doctor RoboProfessor prank/protest was successful and nationally eye-catching not because it was a robot protesting Michele Bachmann but because it was a gay robot protesting Michele Bachmann.

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