Monday, January 23, 2012

Dan Savage Glitter-Bombed Yet Again

Dan Savage was glitter-bombed this past Saturday while speaking in Vancouver. It's the third time that he's been glitter-bombed by activists since November:
Dan Savage was glitter-bombed before his appearance at The Vogue theatre in Vancouver Jan 21, the third such action against the high-profile sex columnist and political commentator in recent months. A group of six activists, who named themselves The Homomilitia for the event, said they confronted Savage as he entered the theatre through a back-alley entrance. In an interview with Xtra after the confrontation, activist Fister Limp Wrist accused Savage of "ableist, racist, transphobic, fat-phobic, sero-phobic and rape-apologist attitudes and views." Activists handed audience members bright pink pamphlets outlining their accusations as they entered the theatre... The pamphlet refers to instances where Savage himself has taken aggressive public stands that go beyond an internal community discussion. A case in point is his campaign in the mid-2000s where he called out AIDS activists that he thought were not aggressive enough in insisting on a condom-only approach to sex. Savage created the impression that "bug chasers" and "givers" were a major trend in the gay community and went so far as to advocate that drug-support payments should be stopped for people who have unsafe sex.
I've written pretty much consistently (except this one time) against glitter-bombing and pointed out that it's juvenile and borderline assaultive. It wasn't until I read this Xtra article that I realized how actually assaultive it actually has been, specifically when Savage was glitter-bombed in Eugene, OR:
I don't remember enough about the Eugene, OR speech to say whether Dan had said anything that night to deserve the glitter bomb. I do remember it happened early and she yelled something about being a rape apologist.

The thing I find really bad on her part is that she threw the large heavy glass container at his head after she threw the glitter. It made a very loud "clunk" when it hit the floor that could be heard throughout the auditorium. After the talk some other students looked and there was a dent in the stage floor where it hit. It barely missed Mr. Savage's head. If it would have hit him, she could have done serious damage to him. A concussion or worse. She doesn't seem to be showing any shame on the blog post that this author, has linked to, but this was seriously dangerous.
Dan Savage has acknowledged that he was almost hit by a jar by one of the Eugene, OR, glitter-bombers this past November. Not only that, but Rose Pedals, the trans activists herself, admits that she tried hitting him with a jar after glitter-bombing him.

I've seen it go back and forth whether or not the jar was made of light plastic or whether it was heavy enough to leave a mark where it hit the floor. Either way, it was not cool. Imagine how this would affect the larger GLBT communities if, instead of Dan Savage, someone threw a jar of glitter at Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann. The backlash would be real and deservedly so. The glitter-bombing needs to stop before it escalates further.


Kat said...

Hey Jon, how about going back and updating your post to mention:

(1) The gitterbombing in question actually may not have happened (handing out of anti-savage leaflets? yes; glitterbombing? that has yet to be verified);

(2) As for whatever did happen in Vancouver at that venue that evening, the participants were not (or at least did not identify to the reporter whose story you linked to as) "trans" and did not have a trans-specific agenda.

Perhaps unwittingly, you may have participated in a devious effort to further demonize trans people.

Jon said...

Thanks for the comment, Kat.

Regarding your second point, I updated the participants to "activitsts" after reviewing the xtra article again since you're correct that it doesn't identify them as trans activists for the Vancouver article. Most likely, I was pulling that assumption from a combination of the previous glitter-bombing incidents as well as another blog.

Regarding your first point, I'll let your comment speak to the question of whether or not the glitter-bombing actually happened. Outside of your comment, I've not seen it contradicted anywhere that he wasn't actually glitter-bombed.