Friday, January 20, 2012

Duggar Dad Opposed to Transgender Girl Scouts

The Duggars may love Rick Santorum, but they're not terribly fond of transgender Girl Scout members!:
"Our family loves Girl Scout cookies and I don't think allowing a boy in the Girl Scouts is a good thing," (Jim Bob) Duggar told BuzzFeed after a Rick Santorum campaign stop in Laurens(, SC). Duggar and some of his children are on the campaign trail for Rick Santorum in South Carolina this week.

"I think the founders of the Girl Scouts would be truly upset to hear this direction," Duggar said, noting that his wife Michelle is a former Girl Scout troop leader. "If they're wanting to create a new scout program where girls and boys would join together, that might be an option. But whether somebody declares they're a boy or girl and can join either one -- it isn't even logical and it goes against the core principles the group was founded on."
Duggar is referencing the case of Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old child who likes "girl stuff", who has grown out his hair, and who wears "girl" clothing. (Note: It's difficult for me to figure out which gender pronouns to use in this situation, as Bobby's own mother uses male gender pronouns.) Either way, Bobby was initially turned away from the Girl Scouts, but later allowed to join. Since then, there have been those who've called for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies since Bobby's case went public and there have been presidential candidates like Duggar's own presidential choice, Santorum, who have stayed neutral.

I checked out the Girl Scout website to find out what they're about. Here's their mission: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Do I think that the inclusion of Bobby Montoya and others like Bobby within the Girl Scouts was envisioned by the Girl Scout founders? Probably not. Do I think that the inclusion of a few gender-variant children violate mission or the spirit of the Girl Scouts? No, not really. The Girl Scouts are big enough to survive and flourish long after Bobby comes and goes from the group. Frankly, Bobby has already demonstrated all three C's in the face of intense international scrutiny. No doubt, Bobby will make this world a much better and interesting place!

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