Monday, January 16, 2012

News Story in Post-Caucus Iowa City: Cat Stuck in Tree//Later Rescued

Remember how Iowa was immersed in political stories and craziness for months and months leading up to early January's Caucus? Almost immediately afterwards, the politicians and the media fled the state for New Hampshire and beyond and now Iowa City's news is relegated to material like this: Cat Causes Concern Along Clinton Street in Iowa City. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten sucked into this poor puss' plight just like half the rest of the city:
People have pleaded, watched and waited for a cat stuck in a tree near the 800 block of Clinton Street to claw its way to the ground. “There’s no reason she’d stay up in the tree and freeze if she could get down on her own,” said concerned resident, Arlene Donnelly.

People living and working nearby say the feline found its way 30 feet up this tree on Thursday night, but can’t seem to find a way back down. Its cries keep homeowners and their pets up at night. Those walking down the street stop and alert neighbors to the curious problem, one that many are already aware of. “A lot of people walking by are concerned,” said Charlie Lasansky, the cat is stuck in a tree on her business property. “They let us know there’s a cat out there.”

Iowa City Police and Fire officials say the cat will come down when it’s ready. Animal Control has posted a sign warning people to stay away, and that the cat has bitten at least two people... The Iowa City Fire Department’s Battalion Chief on duty Sunday said in his 20 years on duty, the city has never had to rescue a cat from a tree. He added that trying to help get the cat down can put firefighters in unnecessary danger and take resources away from other emergencies.
Today following hours of complaints about that abandoned feline by KCJJ's Captain Steve, a successful rescue effort was coordinated by KCJJ, Jeff Waite of Hawkeye Sewer and Drain, Goosetown Painting, and Aero Rental.  Here are some of the details:
Iowa City Police officer Gabe Cook said Jeff Waite of Hawkeye Sewer and Drain got the cat out of the tree at 703 S. Dubuque St. The cat had been there since Thursday. Cook said Waite retrieved the cat using a cherry picker-style lift that he and Goosetown Painting rented from Aero Rental. Cook estimated the cat was at least 30 feet up the tree...

Cook said the cat was “a little agitated,” but did not bite Waite. The cat has some upper respiratory issues.
I'm glad that the cat's finally been rescued. It just seems odd that Iowa City has found itself preoccupied by a tale of conflict and cat-rescuing after so much political bickering and posturing.

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