Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are You Ready for Occupy Riverdale???

I didn't know whether to believe the rumors -- and I still can't believe it -- but my increasingly favorite comic book company, Archie Comics, is going to launch the latest Occupy protest. I'm talking about Occupy Riverdale, which apparently pits Riverdale's 1% (i.e., the Lodges and Reggie Mantle) and against Riverdale's 99% (i.e., pretty much everyone else)! This story of income inequality will unfold this summer in Archie Comics #635. The Bleeding Comics article that I link to indicates that Archie Comics hasn't confirmed this storyline, but Archie Comics' own website confirms the story.

This isn't the first Occupy storyline in a comic book. In fact, just last week I read that Marvel Comics will feature a storyline in X-Men Legacy #265-266 called "Occupy the Jean Grey School", featuring the occupation of She-Hulk, Falcon, and Moon Knight at Wolverine's Jean Grey School. It's not quite the same thing, but the title is appropriate for this post.

Which got me wondering... If you could join any comic book community's Occupy Movement, which one would it be?

Occupy Latveria?
Occupy Atlantis?
Occupy Fortress of Solitude?
Occupy Savage Land?
Occupy Utopia?
Occupy Gotham City?

I want to know!!! Personally, I'd join the Occupy Wundagore Mountain. The High Evolutionary has been mucking around with the locals and the wildlife for way too long. What corner of the comic book community would you occupy?

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