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Mutiny on the Set of "Biggest Loser" // Update on the Mutiny Below!!! // Further Update: Mutineers Revealed!!!

A month or so ago, I got directed to Matthew McNutt's blog. He's a Baptist youth pastor and he's also a former contestant from NBC's The Biggest Loser. I pop over to his blog about once weekly to see if anything's up. What's up is a developing story from last week involving the current The Biggest Loser cast. Keep in mind that I used to watch this show quite a lot, but I've fallen away in recent seasons. I've seen one episode from the current season earlier this month. I know that people find the show inspirational, but I've found the contestants increasingly petty with who gets voted out of the show. Since I don't find that inspirational and since I'm usually handling Tae Kwon Do practice with the boy, I've pretty much dropped the show from my usual viewing habits.

Back to the developing story. Last week, TMZ reported that most of the active contestants essentially went on strike after learning that eliminated contestants were being offered the opportunity to return to the show. As McNutt observes, this has been happening for several years. The eliminated contestants continue working out and dieting and home and a small number of the more successful contestants come back in one way or another. The contestants walked off with the goal of getting The Biggest Loser's producers to prevent the eliminated contestants from returning.

The Biggest Loser contestants gambled. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like their gamble paid off. Production resumed last week on the show and at least two of the current contestants got booted off the show! McNutt said that there really was no other way for the show's producers to respond to the walk off. He said that they needed to send a message to other reality TV contestants that they cannot team up and hijack a show for disagreeing with some aspect of production.

Updated on 04/11/12: I was tired last night and just wasn't in the mood for television. So imagine my surprise when I woke up and found a HUGE amount of hits to this article on The Biggest Loser's mutiny. My immediate thought was, "What did I miss last night???"

Confession time. After learning of the mutiny back in February, I became a weekly viewer (last night being the exception) of The Biggest Loser. Confession time over.

This is what prompted last night's renewed interest in The Biggest Loser mutiny:
Viewers of “The Biggest Loser” were intrigued Tuesday night by the promo for next week's episode. Trainer Bob Harper walks through the house looking for the contestants, and it seems everybody goes missing. Fans who follow “The Biggest Loser” spoilers have been waiting to see how this would play out on television, and it sounds like the time has finally come. Tuesday night's preview shows Buddy saying that he never saw it ending this way, and fans want to know what exactly is coming up on this show...

TMZ's reports had indicated the walkout was due to a twist where eliminated contestants had an opportunity to return to the game. Given the synopsis for the May 1 episode, it sounds like TMZ had the right information. Of course the big question now is who leaves “
The Biggest Loser”? As this all happened in February, fans at the Fans of Reality TV forums were discussing the events. One poster in particular named Sheila caught some very interesting tweets by Mark, which have since been taken down.

Mark's tweets were mostly replies to followers and fans that happened at the exact time the “mutiny” was said to have happened. In reading the messages, Mark seemed to disclose that he was one of the contestants who left the show. Sheila posted a long list of his tweets at the time, which included,

“I had to walk away from the drama rather than care about cash/prizes. Hopefully people will understand... but know there was no protest. I am thankful for the experience and the openness of all viewers... Unfortunately this has been a drama filled season... Pray for me, standing up for what is right is not always popular... Home is good... everyone knows this but it had to be said.”
If TMZ's report is correct, that two contestants ended up leaving the show, “The Biggest Loser” spoiler fans are quite curious to know who the other person is..
Everybody wants to know who mutinied. The sad truth is that I have no clue. But we will all know next Tuesday.

Updated on 04/18/12: This particular post has been extremely popular. Everybody wants to know who walked off the set of The Biggest Loser last February. Since last week's episode, I've had thousands of hits for this particular post, so it's only fair that I follow up. Unfortunately, my home computer hard drive is busted so I couldn't do an update until this morning.

Hopefully by now, folks know that the "mutineers" were Mark and Buddy. According the show narrative, the contestants somehow found out that all of the season's former contestants were coming back to compete for a chance to return to the show and compete for the grand prize. The contestants acknowledged that this isn't something new. HOWEVER, they thought it was unfair that the formers got to go home and be with their families while they were stuck on the ranch and competing for the grand prize and meeting the First Lady and traveling to Hawaii and working out with world famous trainers, etc., etc... It was pointed out to them that it was in their contracts that the formers were going to get a chance to return. The current contestants didn't care. It was unfair for the formers to return this close to the end. Ultimately, Mark and Buddy walked; while Kim, Conda, and Jeremy had a chance to vent, but ultimately stayed on the show.

I understand the contestants' frustration, but I think they made a mistake. But it was their mistake to make. I wish them well and hope they keep the weight off!

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