Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romney Glitter-Bomber Faces 6 Months in Prison

You all know that I've been over glitter-bombing since it began. I wrote about it quite a lot early on, but haven't bothered to touch on the last few glitter-bomb incidents against Santorum and Romney and Ron Paul and whomever else has gotten attacked during the past few weeks. It took way too long, but one would-be glitter-bomber is finally facing actual criminal prosecution for a recent incident involving Mitt Romney and the Secret Service:
A Colorado student faced misdemeanor charges on Wednesday for flinging glitter toward Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney in an increasingly frequent protest act some commentators say should be subject to prosecution. The practice of "glitter bombing" has mainly been the domain of gay rights activists targeting Republican politicians and other public figures who oppose same-sex marriage. But University of Colorado Boulder student Peter Smith, 20, told Reuters he threw glitter at Romney after the candidate's speech in Colorado on Tuesday to protest against his "general political philosophy," and not only his stance on gay marriage. A CNN video of the incident shows Romney shaking hands with supporters in an auditorium when the glitter is thrown at him and Secret Service agents usher him away. Smith was escorted out by other agents and local authorities, Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie said. Denver authorities detained Smith for questioning on Tuesday night, and he was cited on misdemeanor charges of creating a disturbance, throwing a missile and an unlawful act on school property, Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.
Smith faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Do I think that glitter-bombers should go to jail for six months? Not really. But I do believe that something needs to have that might deter future glitter-bombers from engaging in this pointless form of public protest. It's juvenile and petty and trivializes the GLBT communities' various goals. Let's hope that this prosecution is the nail in the coffin of the Glitter-Bomb.

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