Monday, March 12, 2012

Military Troop Survey: DADT Repeal Was No Big Deal

Military Times polled a U.S. Military troops about effects of the repeal of "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" and they found the a strong majority of those polled found that DADT's repeal had no effect on them one way or the other. 69% found that DADT's repeal had no effect on them. 3% are more likely to stay in the military. 8% are more likely to leave. 1% want to leave military housing. 13% noted negative troop morale. 6% noted positive troop morale. 13% will continue to oppose DADT's repeal, while 12% have accept its repeal.

Meanwhile, Over 70% of military units have experience no impact from DADT's repeal, 10% of units have experienced minor impact, and 0% of units have experienced any major impact on the units.

Lastly, 73% of units reported no negative or positive impact caused by somebody coming out within those units.

In other words, it was no big deal. The biggest impact is being felt by the gay and lesbian service members themselves, many of whom have still not come out, but no longer feel the weight of professional suicide if anyone ever finds out that they are gay or lesbian.

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