Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NOM Budgeted to Find Children Who Were Harmed by Gay Parents

Last night, Human Rights Campaign began releasing a series of strategy documents that got unsealed in connection to a Maine-based campaign finance disclosure case involving the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). The piece that's getting lots of press today is the fact that NOM purposely sought to fan the flames of hostility between blacks, Hispanics, and GLBTs. Personally, that revelation doesn't surprise me. It confirms what many people suspected, but it's no shocker.

What actually shocked me from this document dump was a plan by NOM to hire an outreach coordinator whose job would be to seek out and identify "children of gay parents willing to speak on camera" regarding "their concerns". As Right Wing Watch noted, either NOM never followed up with this plan or the outreach coordinator failed to identify any children of gay parents who was willing to appear on camera to complain about his or her parents.

How despicable must you and your organization be to purposely seek out people with the intent of publicly driving a wedge between them and their parents?

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