Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wartburg College Hosts GLBT Awareness Week // FAMiLY Leader's Chuck Hurley Defames GLBT People // KWWL News Messes Up

Wartburg College is the rival college of my own Luther College. It's a private Christian college located in Waverly, IA. This week, Wartburg Alliance, the college's LGBT student group, is hosting "Gayla Week". Last night, Zach Wahls was invited to speak about becoming an instant marriage equality advocate after speaking out for his moms' marriage and other gay marriages like it last year in front of the Iowa House of Representatives.

Predictably, The FAMiLY Leader's vice president, Chuck Hurley, is upset about Gayla Week:
The Family Leader Vice President Chuck Hurley says it's disturbing that Christian-based Wartburg College would promote a week dedicated to gay rights -- without allowing for equal debate from those who support "traditional marriage."

"Any community, whether it's a formerly orthodox Christian church or not, any community that embraces behavior that is ultimately personally harmful and societally harmful is doing a disservice to our civilization," he said Thursday.
Hurley cracks me up. I mean, there doesn't have to be a counterpoint to each and every speaker that a group brings in to speak. If that was the case, why didn't Hurley's group specifically invite pro-family speakers like Wahls to provide balance at Tuesday's anti-family rally at the Iowa Capitol. That's like the Iowa City Recreation Division invited Hayden Fry to come speak, but feeling obligated to invite a soccer coach.

Of course, Hurley likes to get his digs into the LGBT communities. Society has not been harm by my marriage, nor has my health or the health of my husband. I know that Hurley likes to compare gay marriages to second-hand smokers, but he's really just full of himself.

Anyway, KWWL messed up when they reported the following segment:

There were NOT "thousands" of anti-family protesters at the rally at the Iowa Capitol this past Tuesday. According to Iowa State police estimations, there were roughly 200-250 people rallying against gay and lesbian families. That means KWWL falsely reported that there were (conservatively speaking) at least 8 times more people at the rally than what was actually there. KWWL needs to fact check next time. It makes you wonder what other bits of news they get wrong.

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