Monday, March 19, 2012

What's the Difference Between an Animal Communicator and a Pet Psychic?

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between pet or animal psychics and animal communicators? I actually have questioned if there is a difference. I've questioned whether animal communicators are just glorified animal behaviorists who is know how to pick up on behavioral cues that many of the rest of us miss when interacting with our pets.

I've written in the past about my interest in pet psychic Laura Stinchfield. She is a professional pet psychic. I'm familiar with her podcast, the Pet Psychic Radio, which is listen to every week. Among other things, Stinchfield runs a blog, which promotes her podcast and discusses her parabilities. Last week, she posed the article, "Are Animal Communicators the Sames as Pet Psychics?". Stinchfield was frustrated by another animal communicator who teaches others that animal communicators speak directly to animals (presumably through some form of telepathy), while pet psychics generally tap into spirit guides, angels, or other forms of spiritual assistance to get information about the lives of the animals. Stinchfield was upset about the other animal communicator's message and offered her own perspective about this question:
I believe that animal communicators and pet psychics are one and the same. We talk to animals using telepathy. There are individuals from each title that may rely on other psychic senses and practices to gain information about the animal or animal-human relationship. It is important that each animal communicator/pet psychic is clear to the client about where they are receiving information from during the session time.

I have become very upset that this particular animal communicator is teaching and broadcasting false claims. She is either uneducated about others in our field, or she is trying to create a wrong consciousness about pet psychics. I will state again: The only information about a person’s animal I receive during a consultation comes directly from the animal himself or herself and not from other means or spiritual beings.
You can read her full response at this link.

I think that the difference between pet psychics and animal communicators (if indeed there is a real difference) comes down to semantics. It wouldn't surprise me if there are pet psychics who genuinely connect with animals mentally while another group taps into spirit guides. I'm not sure that it matters much to people how their pets are able to communicate with their pet psychic as long as they can actually communicate the pet's messages. But I agree that it's good for pet psychics/animal communicators to explain to their clients how they manage to connect with their animals.

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