Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yet Another Gay Wedding for Marvel? Looks like Northstar's Getting Hitched!

Just yesterday, I questioned if Marvel is plotting a comic book wedding between two of its heroes. Hulkling proposed to Wiccan and Wiccan offered his answer in the form of a kiss. It was all very sweet.

Fast forward to this morning. Marvel Comics announced that there will be a comic book wedding this June. Not over in the Avengers comic books, but in Astonishing X-Men #51. It only natural when a comic book comes up with a tease to wonder who they are teasing about. So let's review the new team roster, due to debut later this month and discuss their wedding potential:

Wolverine: Wolverine is a busy guy. He just opened the Jean Grey School. He leads a couple teams of X-Men. He leads a black ops mercenary team called X-Force. He is a member of the Avengers and I'm pretty sure he recently volunteered for the Big Brothers organization. He's a professional volunteer who can never say "no". It's unlikely that he would get married in a couple months. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time he got married. Maybe he'll marry someone like Viper in order to help finance the school. It's possible, but not terribly likely.

Iceman: Iceman followed Wolverine to the Jean Grey School and serves as the school's financial officer. He's dated in the past, but not for a while. Is it possible that his last girlfriend, the psychotic Mystique, might return to the fold and somehow coerce Bobby into marrying her? Sure, but what's in it for her? Once again, marriage doesn't seem very likely for Iceman.

Gambit: Gambit is a mutant playboy and shared a deep romance with fellow X-Man, Rogue, for a very long time. But they had a messy break-up and (even though he still carries a torch of Rogue) she does not seem very interested in reuniting with Gambit. Once again, not likely.

Cecilia Reyes: Dr. Reyes is the mutant who doesn't want to be an X-Man. However, she keeps showing up in the books. It is very possible that this part-time X-character might have a hunk hidden somewhere. It just seems kind of sudden to reintroduce her to the X-Men just in time to marry her off. Once again, it's possible.

Karma: Up until recently, Karma was a member of the New Mutants. But she followed Wolverine to the Jean Grey School and is apparently getting ready to join the X-Men. She's dated before, but not in years. I don't think Karma is going to get hitched this summer.

Warbird: Warbird is an alien bodyguard who recently came to Jean Grey School to protect her charge. Almost nothing is known about her.

That leaves Northstar: Northstar is Marvel's first gay super-hero. Unlike the others, Northstar has been in a steady relationship for a few years. He's quite devoted to his boyfriend Kyle. It's hard to imagine that Jean-Paul and Kyle won't be the marrying couple in Astonishing X-Men #51! Which got me wondering: where will these two gents get married: in Quebec or New York? After all, they're marriage will be legal in either place.

Assuming that I'm correct with both of my wedding predictions, I am confident that by this time next year I will be able to create an actual list of "Favorite Five Comic Book Gay Weddings"! Mazel!

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