Monday, April 2, 2012

British Prime Minister: "I Support Gay Marriage *Because* I Am A Conservative

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron is working hard to make marriage equality a reality in the UK. Check out why:
I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative," Cameron said in a recent landmark speech on the issue. “I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative..." One political operative explained the shift this way: “The electorate was not seeing us as a viable alternative in a modern world. But David Cameron came along and changed all that. This is a different Conservative Party now, one that is fully in favor of equal rights. I think the Republicans could learn a lot from us in how to appeal to the center, without whose votes a party cannot hope to win."
Of course, I agree with Cameron. I have always believed that gay marriage is an inherently conservative position. Marriage forces people to work towards a better future. It promotes financial and emotional stability. It promotes family and child-rearing. It encourages people to save for their future. It builds new natural support systems for people when they are sick or unemployed or dying. Marriage promotes monogamy, which reduces disease and loneliness. Fighting marriage equality discourages gay people from establishing bonds. It makes it easy for people to come together and leave when things get tough.

America's GOP would be wise to watch what's happening in the UK's Conservative Party. Their leader is pushing for marriage equality and, for the most part, the country continues to cope. Of course, not everybody is happy with this position. But overall, Britain's Conservative Party is pushing forward an agenda that celebrates and affirms all families, which will benefit the entire culture in the long run. Good for you, Britain!

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