Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doggy DNA Division

The February 2012 issue of The National Geographic explored the origins and genetics of dogs. Discarded Lies posted a great chart from that magazine, which shows how 85 major dog breeds break down into four basic groups: Wolflike, Herders, Hunters, and Mastifflike. According to this chart, all breeds share all four traits. However, many breeds possess one or two group traits with very little of the other group traits. Check this out:

I don't find it too shocking that Ms. Lion has quite a bit of herder in her, but that's a lot of wolf for such a little dog! Much more wolf than hunter or mastiff. That's for sure!

It's less of a surprise to learn that Nero is mostly hunter and herder. A day playing with the boys or walking through the neighborhood amidst all the squirrels, rabbits, and birds attests to his strong herding and hunting desire.

What breed(s) of dog do you have? How do they break down on this Dog DNA chart?

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