Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marvel Continues to Hint at Its Own Comic Book Gay Wedding

Say what you will about Archie Comics' recent gay wedding in Life With Archie #16, they didn't over-hype it. I mean, they hyped it. That's what you do when you market something. But they didn't stretch everything out and try to make it some huge gimmick. I fear that Marvel is doing a bunch of over-hyped gimmicky about Northstar's upcoming gay wedding over in Astonishing X-Men #51.

Early last month, Marvel announced a wedding in that issue of Astonishing X-Men. Given the cast, it makes most sense that Northstar (the gay male member of the group and the only one who actually has a serious romantic relationship) was heading towards a gay wedding. Since then, there have been creator hints towards a gay wedding and Astonishing X-Men #49 featured inner dialogue by Northstar about his love and devotion towards his boyfriend Kyle.

Now Marvel told comic book retailers the following news about the Astonishing X-Men wedding issue:
Marvel have told retailers today, regarding Astonishing X-Men #51 ships on the 20th of June (and odds are we’ll get the proposal in issue #50) that they have “secured mainstream coverage both on-air and in print, for something that has never been seen inside the pages of a Marvel comic. Not only that, but some retailers are already saving the date and are hosting special wedding events in their stores... This will be an event that will have worldwide mass-media attention, driving customers to your stores. Because of the nature of the event and the promised mass media break, we cannot say who will be tying the knot, but we promise that it will send shockwaves throughout the nation.”

The news of Northstar and Kyle’s wedding is due to break through the mainstream press on the 22nd May, the proposal comic going on sale the day after.
Somewhere, I sense One Million Moms are preparing for their next comic book boycott...

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