Friday, April 27, 2012

MTV Casting Gay Wedding-Themed Reality Show

Remember way back in July 2010 when Iowa-based gay wedding planner Beau Fodor was shopping around a gay wedding-themed reality show concept? At the time, they anticipated that it might air as early as Fall 2010. Two years later...:
The iconic network & television station "MTV" has contacted Iowa's Gay Weddings Planner, Beau Fodor, about the filming of a potential new reality-based show about young (20-something) Gay & newly engaged or married couples.

All applicants will be interviewed & screened for the show.

Filming begins this summer & early fall, across Iowa, Washington & on the East Coast.
So if you're young, gay, and newly engaged, toss Fodor a message. You and your wedding might end up on MTV. The rest of us will have to wait until VH1 does their own gay wedding reality show!

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