Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bristol Palin Receives Hostile Comments Over Gay Marriage Beliefs // Blames Hollywood

I wrote this weekend about Bristol Palin's critique of President Barack Obama's evolution towards full support of marriage equality for gay and lesbian families. She basically accused President Obama of being a bad dad because he learned from his kids on this particular topic instead of the other way around. Oh, and she said that kids need both a mom and a dad; something her own little boy lacks.

Since then, people have been exercising extremely poor Internet social skills on Palin's blog by posting death threats and nasty insults. Somehow, "Hollywood sheeple" are to blame -- she doesn't really explain how in her post.

HOWEVER, people need to chill out. Palin disagrees with gay families. It isn't a capital offense. She and others are allowed to disagree on this subject. They are even allowed to live out their own lives in conflicting lifestyles from what they preach. They don't deserve death threats and they don't deserve nasty insults.

It does not do the cause of marriage equality any good when we set out to eviscerate those who disagree with us. Opinions are slowly shifting in our favor. They can just as easily shift away from us when we treat those who disagree with us in cruel and terrible ways.

Next time you see something that Palin writes (or Hannity or Obama or Clinton or Beck or Romney or whomever) and you disagree with it and you decide that you really need to sock it to them with a nasty anonymous comment... pause. Just pause and think about what you are writing and thinking about publishing. Is that comment (anonymous or not) the message you want to represent your side of the debate? Answer that question and then pause and consider again. More than likely, you'll serve your side of the debate better by ignoring your instinct to post harassing comments.

In other words, STOP IT!

One last thing for Bristol herself. You wrote:
Oh, and in that post I also said generally kids do better with mother/father families – the kind of family I’d like to have for Tripp one day.
You should speak to Dr. Laura about that plan first. She'll bite your head off. My inner Dr. Laura would warn you away from marrying and saddling Tripp with a step-father -- at least before he graduates and moves out of the home. Step-families with kids are more likely to fall apart. Plus, it's extremely possible that you will deal with angst-ridden step-family dynamics, such as grandparents treating your son differently than other children you might create with a hypothetical step-father. I'm less of a bear about this than Dr. Laura -- but she's more of an expert than me when it comes to traditional family dynamics and expectations. Just some unsolicited advice...

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