Sunday, May 20, 2012

Church Says "Two Men Are Friends, Not Spouses" // Life Goes On

Gay Marriage in Massachusetts celebrated its eighth birthday this week. This very same week, St. Francis Xavier Parish of Acushnet, MA, advertised the following message on its church sign: "Two Men Are Friends, Not Spouses". Somebody protested the message and the church eventually changed the message again, but nobody was arrested for this marriage inequality message in that marriage equality state. The church leadership managed to avoid fines. The church itself still manages to function in every capacity.

I thought that marriage equality rips away the religious liberties of those who disagree with the concept of two men or two women marrying each other? Guess not.


Anonymous said...

Jon tell me this, why has the gay community seems to be moving to violence now? I guess this church after it put this sign up received calls on the pastors life and others on the church is going to be burned down. Doesn't fredom of speech work both ways?

Jon said...

Has there been violence in the case of this church? I hadn't heard that. If true, that's not right.