Thursday, May 24, 2012

Congregant Agrees with Pastor's Anti-Gay Concentration Camp Idea

Earlier this week, I wrote about North Carolina-based preacher, Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church who expressed a desire to drop all gay men in one electric cage and all lesbians in another and then wait for them to die off. He clarified towards the end that he really meant what he was talking about.

Since then, Worley's congregation has pulled together to support their pastor's concentration camp fantasies. One of those congregants, Stacey Pritchard, spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper last night and wavered between agreeing with the pastor and saying that gay and lesbian people shouldn't be upset because they're not really gonna lock us up in cages.

Worley, Pritchard, and the rest of the church seem pleased with their idea that gay men locked in a cage cannot reproduce. News flash: If you locked a bunch of straight men in one electrified cage and a bunch of straight women in another, they'd eventually die off too.

It's also interesting that the Right cannot figure out what homo origin tale they believe in. Will gay and lesbian people fade away if locked up in concentration camps? If so, they they concede that sexual orientation is biologically determined. If we're made gay by faulty parenting or whatever else environmental factor you come up with, then they're just being cruel to the gays and not really getting rid of us.

Either way, this church is despicable. Fortunately, I'll never worship with them or they with me.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Unreal! I've never seen a dumber woman....and the pastor, a total tool. Go Obama! Great post! And congratulations to you and your awesome family!



Jon said...

Thanks for the comment, Susan. And for the kind words! :)