Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Man Takes Pet Zebra and Macaw to the Bar // Gets Arrested for OWI

I really love Iowa somedays! This past Sunday evening, a man from Cascade, IA, decided to drive to a Dubuque-based bar with two of his best friends. Unfortunately for the man, his best friends are a zebra and a macaw. The bartender wasn't amused and the unusual trio were kicked to the curb, but not before the police were called and the man was arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated!

Check out this description from the Gazette:
Dubuque police found the trio in the cab of (Jarald) Reiter’s pickup truck outside the Dog House Lounge at 1646 Asbury Road. Police charged Reiter with operating while intoxicated.

Reiter and Vickey Teter own the zebra and parrot as pets but the couple often takes the exotic animals out for a spin. “We take them for car rides and they go and they get the mail with me. They are a big part of the family,” Teter said. That’s why Reiter thought nothing of taking his beloved zebra and parrot with him when he went to the bar.

The bartender did think something of it and told the trio to leave, according to Reiter. Reiter said other bar patrons were shocked to see the animals and started snapping pictures. He believes one of those onlookers called police.

The couple understands why the whole thing may have seemed odd to people who are not used to being around exotic animals. “It’s not everyday you see somebody that’s got a zebra or a parrot in the house,” said Teter, “and who knows tomorrow what might be in our house.
Reiter was arrested and a friend came to take home the animals. Next time, he should take a cue from this guy and get a baby stroller or baby clothes for his pets so that they don't look quite so out of place when they're out in public!


Katy Anders said...


A guy walks into a bar with a zebra and a macaw... and the best everyone can manage is to have them arrested?

What a waste of a perfectly good set-up for a joke.

Jon said...

To be fair, I think he was intoxicated and getting ready to drive.