Saturday, May 5, 2012

NC Pastor Claims that People Will be Marrying Animals Soon Because of Gay Marriage

I wrote earlier about the campaign in North Carolina to amend that state's constitution to ban recognition of any domestic relationship that is not a male/female marriage -- including gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships. Amendment One will affect both gay & lesbian couples, as well as non-married heterosexual relationships. Predictably, the Religious Right is doing everything they can to shock congregants into voting for this amendment -- including lying about bestiality:

According to Pastor Tim Rabon:
“Marriage is at risk in North Carolina,” Rabon preached. “It is not coincidental that marriage was established by the Lord on the sixth day of the creative week. It is not coincidental that marriage is the first institution God ever established. Before God would put government in place, before God would give birth to his own church, God set up marriage as one man and one woman.”

“Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, [Maryland] plus the District of Columbia have already redefined marriage to include the union of any two people. May I just insert here, that what is stopping them from refining marriage as something between a person and a beast. We're not far from that.
What is stopping people in marriage equality states like Massachusetts or Iowa from "refining" marriage as something between a person and beast, besides the fact that nobody has actually expressed interest in marrying any animal?

There is the issue of consent. Marriage is a contract. Animals are not capable to entering into contracts in this country or pretty much any country I can think of. As much as we love our pets, they lack actual rights. Simply put, they cannot consent to marrying people.

Imagine the situation where some fool decides he loves his cat and really wants to marry her. Why do we assume that the cat wants to marry him? This effort would go nowhere -- except maybe to the psychiatric clinic.

I'm sure it's fun to scare-monger people into using bestiality to oppose gay families. But it's dishonest and it's wrong. Pastor Rabon should be ashamed of himself!


Katy Anders said...

Giving animals a right to contract would be a great change in the law. Giving them rights under the Constitution would be a BIG change in the law.

Pastor Tim lives in a much woolier and wilder universe than I do!

Jon said...

It's all about scare tactics. I wonder how many people he tells this lie to actually believe him?

Alex Haiken said...

Exodus Cancels Next ‘Love Won Out’ Conference Due to Lack of Interest

In conjunction with the growing awareness that ex-gay therapy does not work and that the traditional interpretation of the few passages of Scripture that generally get appealed to in the debate over homosexuality do not hold up to scrutiny when examined more closely and in context, Exodus International has canceled their ex-gay Love Won Out conference scheduled for later this month "due to the low number of registrations." Though attendance has been steadily declining at these events over the past couple of years, this is the first time Exodus has canceled one of its Love Won Out conferences. This represents only the latest blow in what seems to be the unraveling of the oldest and largest umbrella organization for ex-gay ministries.

-Alex Haiken

Jon said...

Thanks for posting that, Alex! It's been on my list of potential topics for the blog. It's a pretty significant development considering ex-gay treatment gets pushed on GLBT people so much.