Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North Carolina's Amendment One Passes

The voters of North Carolina voted tonight to amend their state constitution to ban recognition of gay marriage (AND civil unions AND domestic partnerships AND any other domestic relationship that's not a man/woman relationship):
After months of contentious campaigning on both sides of the issue, the Associated Press is reporting that North Carolina voters have approved Amendment One. The constitutional revision bans not only same-sex marriage, but civil unions and domestic partnerships as well. Voter turnout is expected to break 2008′s primary record of 2.1 million. Opponents received reports earlier in the day that young voters in some areas were given incorrect ballots preventing them from voting on the amendment. Conservatives are celebrating a victory, but the vote count so far seems to mirror polling that consistently found that voters were largely unaware of the full impact of the measure. The majority of people in North Carolina clearly do not support this kind of anti-gay discrimination, but misinformation won the day.
Congratulations to North Carolina's culture warriors. You have proven that gays and lesbians in your state are incapable of committing to each other by constitutionally taking away their ability to commit to each other in any possible way. Good for you.


Katy Anders said...

I am not discouraged. This is an endgame.

2% of the population has managed to freak out the other 98%.

In civil rights time - which is only slightly faster than geological time - this is moving fast. As it becomes obvious that marriage equality in New York and Vermont and other places hasn't blown the states up, pubic acceptance might even move faster than the law.

Anybody sane person watching my marriage and family could never mistake it for Caligula.

We're losing battles and winning the war.

Alison said...

It's stunning that voters can be so willfully ignorant. It was almost impossible to miss the news coverage about the huge impact this will have beyond those immoral gays. I can't find the words to explain how dehumanizing it feels to be voted a second class citizen.