Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Octomom Files for Bankruptcy // TMZ Suggests She Get Rid of Her Kids // Updated Below!! // Further Update: Bankruptcy Denied!!!

(Originally posted on 05/01/12): Thanks, TMZ, for making me feel bad for Nadya Suleman (AKA "Octomom") again due to your recent reports about her bankruptcy filing! Last week they reported that she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which isn't a huge shocker given that she's recently gone on welfare food assistance. Earlier today, they reported that she owes between $500,000 -- $1,000,000 to various creditors. They then list her creditors:

-- Orkin Pest Control
-- Roberto Robles Gardening Services
-- Sparkletts
-- William F. Turner Attorney at Law
-- Kaiser Permanente
-- The DMV
-- Farmers Insurance Group
-- Verizon Wireless
-- City of La Habra Water Dept.
-- So Cal Gas Company
-- So Cal Edison Company (power)
-- Sylvan Learning
-- Superior Court of California
-- Whittier Christian School
-- DirecTV
They then go on to mock her cable TV and internet usage as signs of her screwed up priorities. Frankly, given all the crazy things you here about Octomom's spending indulges (including here), her list of creditors are pretty down-to-Earth: pest control, attorney, utilities and other household bills, academics... Also, just because she has a cable bill doesn't mean that she's getting tons of premium channels. Cable can be pretty cheap entertainment for 14 kids. That doesn't mean that they might not lose it, but just her having it doesn't mean that she's a terrible person with screwed up priorities.

The worst though is their interview with her late last week is the question about whether or not she will give up her kids to save herself financially. That's pretty low, in my opinion.

Updated to Add: Husband Mark tells me I'm losing my inner cynic when it comes to Octomom. He pointed out that it isn't very surprising that her debts include the schools and the utilities and the DMV, etc... He suggested that she could be paying the bills on luxury items (like last month's Brazilian Blowout hair treatments) while putting off debt involving stuff like the schools. People (possibly like me) might be more sympathetic to her financial plight when they see unpaid school bills and they might even help pay off some of that debt. I concede that my husband has a good point.

I still think thought that the adoption suggestion for her kids was a pretty out of line.

Updated on 05/16/12: TMZ reported yesterday that Octomom's bankruptcy case got rejected by the courts! Apparently, she failed to submit all of the necessary paperwork on time and then forgot to seek a deadline extension. As a result, her creditors are all free to seek payment for her multiple debts!

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