Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thought's on "The Avengers"

The entire family got together yesterday afternoon to watch "The Avengers". It was awesome. Definitely one of the better comic book movies made.

The Avengers consisted of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, with Nick Fury keeping everything organized. Personally, I would have included one more super-powered member. Preferably one of the comic book's many female members, like Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel (FKA Ms. Marvel), Wasp, or Spider-Woman. It just seems like there are too many non-powered people on this team. That said, everyone shined in this movie. The battle scenes were seamless and the characterizations were spot-on. Lastly, this was the best characterization of both the Hulk and Bruce Banner outside of a comic book that I've seen in decades. Plus, it was great how he handled Loki (and Thor) in the movie's final battle.

While waiting to leave for the theater, I told D'Angelo to imagine he's at the eye clinic being fitted for new glasses.
Me, holding out each hand: Iron Man or Hulk.
D': Hulk.
Me: Hulk or Captain America.
D': Captain America.
Me: Captain America or Black Widow.
D': Captain America.
Me. Captain America or Hawkeye.
D': Captain America.
Me: Captain America or Thor.
D': Definitely Thor.
Me: Congrats! You now have the eyes of Thor.
It seemed funnier in person.

Mark felt cheated that we were treated to a generic alien race. He wanted something name-brand like the Skulls or the Kree or the Badoon. I told him that I was pretty sure I'd heard of the Chitauri before and I was correct. They were a shape-shifting race introduced in a storyline a few years back. I learned earlier today the Chitauri were specifically chosen for the movie because they don't have a lot of history bogging them down.

Speaking of the aliens, the glimpse of the new Big Bad was pretty awesome. It was pretty clear that only us nerds knew who it was, though. Most of the audience was whispering, "Who's that?" One guy kept telling his kids that it's Red Skull back from the dead. It's not. It's Thanos, consort of Death herself. I can't wait for the sequel!

I definitely encourage anyone, comic book fan or not, to check out The Avengers. You won't be dissatisfied!

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