Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fred Karger Accused of Using Presidential Campaign for New Sex Partners(???)

Fred Karger has been the GOP underdog ever since he first announced his presidential campaign a year or so back. He's a moderate Republican candidate who supports socially progressive issues like marriage equality, abortion rights, medical marijuana, and a "path to citizenship" for certain illegal immigrants. Oh, he's also gay. In other words, he hasn't stood a chance since day one of his presidential campaign. He has continually struggled with attending GOP candidate debates and with getting on the ballots of most states. But he keeps campaigning long after most of the other GOP candidates have moved on to other battles.

A little while ago, I learned that Karger is still plugging away on his presidential campaign. Most recently, he has been schmoozing and campaigning in Utah in preparation for this month's primary election and trying to get his name out with all of the local Republican contacts. One of those contacts was Washington County Republican Party Chairman Willie Billings. According to this article, Karger said that the visit went well and Billings accepted some minor campaign gifts, including a T-shirt and a Frisbee (Hey Fred! Where's my Frisbee???). And then all hell broke out when Billings got home, as evidenced by the e-mail that Billings' wife sent to Karger later in the day:

Nanette Billings has gone on the record and confirmed that she sent the above e-mail to Karger. And more:
"My feeling is the only reason he's running for president is to find more [sexual] partners," Nanette Billings told Yahoo News in a phone interview. "To get more people on his bandwagon."

"All I did was go on his site and say, 'You're pathetic,'" she said. "We're a very conservative state in Utah, very family-oriented. So he's picked a state just to cause ruckus. He's not thinking of family, he's thinking of himself. He's not running for president to fix something in the country—he's thinking of his own personal agenda, period. And I was just letting him know that I think he's an idiot to think of running."

Karger said he was shocked, but that the email underscores the reason he traveled to Utah in the first place.
I have no idea why Karger is shocked. He has consistently run into such attitudes within the party (outside of supporters, of course) for months. It's just the next page in a series of slights and jabs that he has already encountered. Anyway, I wish him well at Utah's primary.


Katy Anders said...

He's gotta be surprised that he is running into opposition among Republicans...

How does Billings' wife know he can't procreate? I mean, I've never given birth, but I assume I can... Maybe I need to ask Billings' wife, though...

An out gay Republican Presidential candidate... That sounds like one heck of a sitcom!

Jon said...

LOL, Katy! I think I might watch that show if it makes it past the pilot stage!