Wednesday, June 6, 2012

President of the Iowa/Nebraska NAACP Quits Over Gay Marriage Support

A few weeks ago, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) came out in support of marriage equality. In response, Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr., the branch president of the Iowa and Nebraska branch of the NAACP, has announced his resignation from the organization -- which isn't surprising given his long-standing and outspoken opposition to GLBT rights:
Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. of the Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church in Des Moines issued a statement saying he was stepping down from the NAACP national board and as Iowa/Nebraska state conference president “due to the NAACP’s position and support of same-sex marriage.”

“I want to thank the NAACP for the privilege to humbly serve in such an organization and thank all those I had the privilege to work with in the states of Iowa, Nebraska and throughout the country.” Ratliff said in a statement. He was unavailable for further comment Wednesday.

Ratliff has been an outspoken critic of same-sex marriage rights and has spoken at Statehouse rallies seeking an amendment to the Iowa constitution to undo a controversial, landmark Iowa Supreme Court ruling in April 2009 that gave legal status to civil marriages involving same-gender couples. The proposed constitutional amendment would define marriage in Iowa as only between one man and one woman.'
Ratliff has been talking about leaving the NAACP since the national board voted in favor of a resolution supporting marriage equality.

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