Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will Gay Marriage Destroy the Family?

That's what Al Schumann of Eyota, MN, proposes in the following letter to the editor. Minnesota is one of four states where people will be voting on constitutional amendments to limit marriage recognition to only man/female married couples:
Marriage is celebrated in every country in the world, in all religious denominations, because this is the start of a new family unit. The ideal family has both a mother (caring parent) and a father (protector-provider, parent). I think that almost anyone who works with children will agree with that description.

Now we have the Democratic Party working to downgrade marriage by allowing homosexuals to marry and come under all the present marriage laws. In Minnesota alone, there are more than 300 laws relating to marriage and the protection of children.

Two men or two women in a marriage would produce zero children. Why would they need any of the laws relating to children?

Including homosexuality in the meaning of marriage will destroy the family unit as we know it.
When people marry, they become a new family. They don't need kids to become a new family. The marriage itself creates that new family. Many of those 300 Minnesota state laws related to marriage don't have anything to being parents. Al asked why childless couples might seek the protections of marriage laws. Let me present a website with some of your fellow citizens' stories on it and their cases for why they are seeking the protections of marriage.

That said, same-sex marriages can and do produce children. My husband and I are adoptive parents. We know other same-sex families who have become parents through adoption, surrogacy, and IVF. Are our children not worthy of marital laws that protect their parents and family unit?

"Including homosexuality in the meaning of marriage" won't destroy the family unit. It hasn't here in Iowa, nor has it in other states or countries where we have been granted the ability to legally marry. What destroys family units of constitutional amendments that seek to constitutionally shut out gay and lesbian couples from legal marriage, or civil unions, or domestic partnerships, or any other form of marital or couple recognition.

Marriage equality won't destroy your family, Al. Amending state constitutions to ban marriage equality will destroy mine.

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rottenqueerchristian said...

My answer is no. What do I win?