Sunday, July 1, 2012

Debby Boone's Husband Officiates at Gay Weddings

Singer and actress Debby Boone and her husband Gabriel Ferrer have an open secret (or maybe had a secret is the more appropriate word) from her father, 78-year-old conservative singer Pat Boone -- they both support marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. Not only that, Gabriel officates at the weddings of gay and lesbian couples, according to National Enquirer reports:

I knew that Debby Boone is a Christian. I assume her husband is. I did a couple quick searches, but couldn't figure out which denomination, if any, they belong to.

Two things impress me here: 1. I'm heartened to hear that this woman of faith supports marriage rights and rites for gay and lesbian couples. 2. I'm super-psyched to learn that Ferrer teamed with my favorite judicial diva, Judge Judy, for one of his high profile gay weddings!


Don Charles said...


Anybody who's a real Christian, one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, is going to be OK with secular same-gender marriage. There may be some question about marriages inside the church, but not in the greater society. It's just plain orneriness, to want to impose the laws of Leviticus on people who don't even have the same beliefs as you do.

57 yr. old Catholic Christian man said...

1. If a person believes in and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, they accept Jesus Christ as Lord.

2. "Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord."

- Old Testament

3. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

- Letter to the Hebrews

4. Since Jesus Christ is "the Lord" for the believer, homosexuality is an abomination.

5. Since homosexuality is "an abomination to the Lord", and, since Jesus Christ IS the Lord, homosexuality is an abomination to Jesus Christ.

6. Since homosexuality is an abomination to Jesus Christ, it does not follow that one "who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ" can at the same time "be ok" with secular same-gender marriage.

7. Since Jesus Christ does not teach something that is an abomination to Him, "Secular same-gender marriage" and "the teachings of Jesus Christ" are mutually exclusive.

8. It is, therefore, impossible to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and "be ok" with secular same-gender marriage.

Thank you.

Jon said...

Thanks for the comments "57 yr. old Catholic Christian man." You left two nearly identical comments for me, so I deleted the one. Tip for the future, I work a lot and I have a family. So comments don't always get screened right away.

I understand where your heart is. But I disagree strongly with the assertion that one cannot follow Christ's teachings and approve of same-sex marriages.

But thanks again for your comments. -Jon

Anonymous said...

Jon....thank you for not responding rudely to "57 year old Catholic man". It's so rare to read someone being polite & tolerant of others' beliefs even if they differ from yours. Refreshing!

Jon said...

And thank you for commenting, Anonymous! I do better on some days than others. But I guess we all do. Have a good day! :)