Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are the SuperTeens Still Super Teens When They're All Grown Up?

Comics Alliance has a cool variant cover to LIFE WITH ARCHIE #26, featuring Pureheart the Powerful and the SuperTeens (AKA Evilheart, Superteen, and Captain Hero). They also do a great job of describing the SuperTeens in the article:
Pureheart the Powerful was the publisher's attempt to capitalize on the super-hero craze that was raging in the mid-60s. Archie, of course, was Pureheart, a super-hero who possessed phenomenal powers as long as his thoughts remained chaste -- which, for noted girl-chaser Archie Andrews, presented quite a problem.

Joining him for these adventures was his nemesis, Evilheart (better known as resident jerk Reggie Mantle), Superteen (Betty Cooper, whose powers were granted by her "magic ponytail" [?!]), and Captain Hero (Jughead, who was mostly concerned with super-eating). Veronica's alter-ego, Miss Vanity, wasn't introduced until the '90s in a comic with an awesome cover by Stuart Immonen, so she gets left out of the classic line-up.
None of these characters will be appearing in the actual LIFE WITH ARCHIE storyline, though it's worth noting that Archie's superheroic adventures took place in the publisher's original LIFE WITH ARCHIE series back in the mid-1960s.

Also, there was one more member of the SuperTeens who debuted in the '90s relaunch: Mighty Moose. Mighty Moose was a super-powered version of Moose Mason and his power was super-strength.

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