Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Dog Left to Starve to Death in Abandoned Kennel -- This Time in Clinton, IA

What is happening in Iowa these days??

I learned tonight of yet another dog found dead, apparently left to starve to death in its kennel. This latest incident happened in Clinton, IA. It looks like a white boxer of unknown age was left behind a home in the 600 block of 7th Avenue South in Clinton inside a wire kennel:
(Clinton Humane Society operations manager, Sandi) Bartels said the back yard of the home was not fenced in. "I don't understand why somebody didn't hear something or see something," she said.

Capt. James Klaes of the Clinton Police Department said police have the names of the last owners and occupants of the home and are trying to track them down, but they appear to have moved out of the Clinton area.

Bartels said she is hopeful that they will be found. "We're hoping that these people have to answer for what they've done to this dog," she said.
Somebody in the Quad-City Times comments section noted that the local shelter might have turned away the dog's owners due to running at full capacity. I get that, but there are boxer-specific rescue groups operating out of the Quad Cities. Why not call them? Why not get a friend or family member to take in the dog? Why not just abandon it? Why not just shoot it instead of leaving it to slowly and painfully die from starvation??

And why didn't any of the neighbors notice the sights or sounds of that dying dog?

This just makes me sick. As always, I will share more as I learn more.

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