Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leslie Interviewed for Transitions Sevices Video

I was given a link to a video featuring the various students at the local Transitions Services Center, including my boy Leslie. Transitions is a special education program offered through the Iowa City School District for students who have graduated from high school, but who still need assistance preparing for living on their own and obtaining employment.

You can watch Leslie and the other students working and doing money transactions and competing in Special Olympics competitions during the first couple minutes of the video.

At the 1:59 mark, Leslie is asked "What are you favorite activities at Transitions?" He replies, "Go out to eat with my friends."

At the 11.24 mark, Leslie is asked "What are your future plans?" He replies, "Get an new apartment. I'm gonna work on getting my own job."

At the 14:28 mark, Leslie is asked "What does it mean to be independent?" He replies, "Go to the bus by myself from Hy-Vee."

You can watch the whole video -- as well as listen to the responses from several other Transitions students -- here:


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