Monday, April 22, 2013

New Superhero Title for Archie Comics: THE FOX!!

Late this afternoon, I received some exciting news on the comic book news websites. Archie Comics announced the release of a new ongoing comic book series under its Red Circle brand of comics. Spinning out of events from their recently concluded NEW CRUSADERS: RISE OF THE HEROES series (written about here and here), Archie Comics/Red Circle announced a new series featuring a classic Archie Comics superhero: THE FOX!!

The series will combine the talens of writer Mark Waid and writer/artist Dean Haspiel. Not much has been release about THE FOX, but it looks like it will get released sometime in Fall 2013.

Who is the Fox? There have been two Foxes published by Archie Comics/MLJ Comics. The first was published in 1940 and the second debuted in 1984:
The Fox is secretly Paul Patten, a young news reporter and photographer for The Daily Globe, and a former athlete at Penn State University. He has a camera that attaches to his belt. His editor and girlfriend is named Ruth Ransom. Patton's main reason for becoming the Fox was to further his career; as a crimefighter, he is the first on the scene with his camera.

Whenever dangerous situations arise, Patton quickly changes into his costume, which consists of a black, skin-tight body suit, complete with pointed ears and (in some adventures) a golden fox head logo on his chest. Although the transformations from photographer to superhero are never illustrated (artists favored a simple panel with the caption "Paul Patton becomes the Fox!"), it is assumed that the costume is worn under Paul's street clothes.
The second Fox is Paul Patten Jr., the son of the original Fox. His girlfriend is Delilah Monaco, who is secretly the She-Fox; Paul and Delilah are unaware that the other person has a secret identity.

The second Fox wears a black full body stocking with a covered face and pointed fox "ears".
Judging from the cover, THE FOX will feature the second Fox.

As exciting as this press release was, it included some less exciting secondary news:
This thrilling new addition is a shake up to the Red Circle lineup. The previously solicited New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow will receive a new release date in early 2014.
Keep in mind that Archie Comics was promoting NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW as recently as March 16th! I asked some of the folks at Archie Comics for confirmation -- just in case I misread the press release -- and learned that NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW is indeed being pushed back to early 2014:

From Paul Kaminski, executive director of editorial at Archie Comics:
And then I heard from Mike Pellerito, president of Archie Comics:
So it's a bit of a mixed bag. I won't be reading the new NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW series in a week like I'd hoped. But I will be reading it eventually and I will be reading a new ongoing series by Archie Comics -- THE FOX -- in a few months. Plus, as reminded by Paul Kaminski, I will get to read a new graphic novel soon called LEGACY OF THE CRUSADERS, which is a mix of new and classic stories featuring the New Crusaders and their predecessors (including the Fox!), the Mighty Crusaders. That graphic novel is scheduled to be released on or around July 10th.

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