Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Archie Meets Glee" Part 3

I am running behind with my comic book updates. No particular reason. It's been a combination of busy schedule and illness. Anyway, I offer my apologies for the latest of this post.

I finally read ARCHIE #643 -- AKA "Archie Meets Glee" Part 3. You can read my thoughts on the first two parts of this story here and here. This is the premise of the crossover: Archie Comics' Dilton and Glee's Brittany hook up across the dimensional divide and accidentally transport half of the Riverdale kids to Lima and half of the Lima kids to Riverdae. Now Dilton has to re-invent his "portal-porter" ASAP one of the transplanted kids does something bad like kissing or losing Jughead's crown. Those types of intimate actions risk a butterfly effect that likely will destroy both universes.

By the way... Does anyone besides me mentally think "porta-potty" when s/he reads "portal-porter?"

There were two big things happening in this book. The first big thing was Puck from Glee seducing Betty. For whatever reason, she's so smitten by his bad-boy affections that he tricks her into paying for everything and treats her kind of bad -- going so far as to split a strawberry shake with Cheryl Blossom at the tail-end of his first date with Betty. Then again, I guess Betty is used to guys walking all over her as evidenced by her never-ending love triangle with Archie and Veronica.

Meanwhile, Veronica finds herself without any friends in the world of Glee -- that is until she teams up with Kurt Hummel to perform their next big performance for the nationals competition!

But that wasn't really the second big thing. The second big thing involved Alexander Cabot III working his butt off to pull one of the Glee kids from the Archies and into the Pussycats! Mercedes Jones had the good sense to stick with the good guys, but Alexander finally managed to successfully snag one of the Glee kids: Blaine! His betrayal will totally be worth it if we get to see Blaine dressed in a skimpy Pussycat outfit!

Unfortunately for all involved, we don't get much further in the plot before two of the teens in this tale (one from Riverdale and the other from Lima) finally give in to their lusty emotions and experience a universe-shattering kiss. I won't spoil the identify of the couple in question, but the girl in question should be ashamed!

Here's what else I liked:

* Kevin the Hormonal Teen: Remember last time when I wrote about loving the lustiest version of Kevin Keller that I've ever seen in print? He's not quite so eager this time around, but he's still showing some love towards Glee's Blaine:

Here were the let-downs:

* No Sue Sylvester: After last issue's run-in with Jughead, I had high hopes for some major sparks. But she's largely been absent from this crossover outside of that one scene. There are just so many kids involved in this storyline, I guess it makes sense some will feel left out. Still, Sue is one of the more memorable and -- dare I say it? -- cartoonish characters from Glee. It's a shame that we don't see more of her in this cartoonish version of the program!

* Very little Archie: This cross-over takes place in Archie's book, but you wouldn't know if from the storyline. He's had a few appearances, but Archie has really become a background character in this storyline compared to Betty, Veronica, Puck, Dilton, Artie, Brittany, the Pussycats, and Blaine. I'm not complaining, but maybe this cross-over would have been better placed in the BETTY & VERONICA title.

The storyline will wrap up next issue. The universes are about to crack up, but Chuck has a crazy comic book-inspired solution to this mess that just might save Glee from cancellation and Archie Comics from bankruptcy. All he needs is Rachel Berry singing a little Babs! See you again in a few weeks!

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Anthony said...

Not reading this series (not having seen "Glee"), but felt the need to chime in anyway. :-)

No "R" rated movies in Riverdale? While I guess it's to show the wholesome nature of Earth-Archie (vs. the typical "nature" of a Fox TV show), I wonder how the adults feel about driving out of town just to see "The King's Speech," to name one tame "R" rated film.

I do remember reading an early 70s Archie story published just after the modern movie rating system was implemented. In the story, Arch and Betty are annoyed that they can't get into some R-rated film, and are stuck seeing a bunch of G/PG-rated fare. Granted, since Hollywood aims most popular films at PG-13 in order to get teenagers to come, maybe not a big loss for the kids.

Re: Chuck, somehow I'm *not* surprised the Flash (or a variation thereof) is the answer to this. Seems like the Flash's answer to every problem involves vibrations of some sort... :-p