Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bob Vander Plaats: Gay Marriage Will Go Away Someday

WHO-TV in Des Moines, IA, hosted a debate last week between openly gay Iowa Senator Matt McCoy and anti-gay activist/The FAMiLY Leader spokesman/thrice-failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats. From the website, it appears that they got together to discuss possible medial bias for athletes who come out of the closet.

BVP later began discussing the future of marriage equality, including the recent oral arguments in front of the US Supreme Court about DOMA and Proposition 8. BVP brought up the slippery slope idea that if gay and lesbian couples are allowed to legally marry, then polygamists and incestuous couples would have "an argument" in court. Like they cannot argue their cases otherwise. That doesn't mean that it will work out for them, but they do indeed have the right to argue their collective cases in court.

You can watch it here:

BVP later notes that marriage equality will get reversed. Someday.

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