Saturday, May 4, 2013

Coming in July 2013: LEGACY OF THE CRUSADERS

Last month, I shared half-good/half-bad news that Archie Comics/Red Circle Comics would be postponing its NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW mini-series until 2014, but they would be publishing a new ongoing series called THE FOX. I also shared in that blog post that Archie Comics still planned on publishing a graphic novel called LEGACY OF THE CRUSADERS. I'd written that it's to be published in July 2013. This is how that book was described:
A SUPER HERO LEGACY IS BORN! In one of history's greatest battles against the forces of evil, The Mighty Crusaders did the impossible: they won. Now, for the first time ever, witness their heroic battle for the fate of the world like never before in this unique graphic novel collection from Red Circle Comics! Using an innovative blend of NEW and CLASSIC material, Legacy of the Crusaders takes readers on a tour of the Red Circle universe, guided by the characters themselves! Picking up directly following the events of New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes, our new team of young heroes struggle under the tutelage of the world's first patriotic super hero: the Shield. The Shield teaches these New Crusaders about the early history of their parents, the Mighty Crusaders, seen by the reader in the form of some of the best classic tales from the 1980s Red Circle super hero titles. Featuring legendary comic artists such as Steve Ditko and Alex Toth!
I subsequently received a message on Facebook informing me that LEGACY OF THE CRUSADERS had been pushed back to September 2014, which conflicted with what I'd been told by Paul Kaminski, the executive director of editorial at Archie Comics. I tried following up again with Paul Kaminski, but didn't hear back from him.

However, I have seen several references on the New Crusaders Facebook page during the past week confirming that LEGACY OF THE CRUSADERS will indeed be published this summer. Here is the latest Facebook post from earlier today:
A taste of what to expect in NEW CRUSADERS: LEGACY coming this summer! #RedCircleComics
It's possible that some unexpected glitch will push back this release date, but it's heartening that there are still plans for new New Crusaders tales pre-2014!

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Just saw the latest issue of Life With Archie, where candidate Kevin Keller has his first debate. The story is up to the usual standard, and unfortunately, so is the relationship of Kevin and his hubby. There's no dearth of heterosexual kissing in LWA #29, but for the Gay spouses, nothing but longing looks. Jon, I had no idea Gay marriage was so . . . chaste. Don't you and your husband ever get to third base?