Tuesday, May 14, 2013

D'Angelo and his Art -- 05/14/13

(D' Wearing his New Contacts)
It's been a long afternoon. My son D'Angelo and I spent a couple hours at the local hospital trying out his new contact lenses. He was born with a condition that has led to multiple complications related to his vision. One result of this is that he has to wear very thick eye glasses. Generally speaking, he does okay with his eye glasses and pretty much everyone accepts them in stride. But he's going to be starting junior high school soon and decided that he wants to try contact lenses again. We consulted with the various professionals in his life and now he has a new set of contact lenses!

We'd actually tried contacts a few years earlier, but that was a disaster. As much as he wanted them, D' couldn't put the lenses on his eye balls and he barely tolerated my attempts to do it for him. Also, his first attempt with contacts required hard lenses. They were uncomfortable and eventually he decided that it wasn't worth the effort.

We started out this time with a loaner lens and D's been doing much better this time around. He finally got the knack of putting on his own contact lenses and taking them off without any assistance and there doesn't seem to be as much discomfort this time around.

Which led to today and our decision to make the final plunge into contact lenses. We dropped off the loaner lens and picked up his own contact lenses. So far, so good! We still need to get a prescription filled for reading glasses to accompany his contacts (yes, he needs to wear glasses with his contacts), but we're not going to tackle that task until the weekend.

All that aside, I actually wanted to use this blog article to show off some of D'Angelo's artwork. The school year is wrapping up and he's beginning to bring home his various school projects. I was really impressed with his work and asked if it would be okay for me to show off some of his art and he agreed. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did:

(Experiment with Perspective)
(D's "Andy Warhol" Project)

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Congrats to your son, Jon! Hope the contacts work out (I once considered getting some my damn self, but the idea of lenses on my eyeballs freaked me out). It's great that you have an artist in the family.