Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gallup: 53% of Americans Support Gay Marriage

Gallup News has been polling Americans on their support/lack of support for same-sex marriage over the years. The most recent polling found overall support at 53%, which appears to be part of an ongoing polling trend:
Fifty-three percent of Americans say the law should recognize same-sex marriages, the third consecutive reading of 50% or above in Gallup polling over the past year. The 53% in favor ties the high to this point, also measured last November and in May 2011.
When Gallup began polling on this subject in 1996, support for same-sex marriage was at 27%. Opposition to same sex-marriage started at 68% in 1996 versus 45% opposition now.

Interestingly, 79% of Americans polled believe that same-sex marriage will have no effect on society and/or will create negative change for society in this current poll.

Edited to Add: Husband Mark suggested that I could re-frame that final paragraph. Gallup News' recent poll also found that 59% of those polled believe that same-sex marriage will change society for the better or will have a neutral effect on society.

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