Monday, May 6, 2013

Iowa City Police Officer Uses Foot as Door Jamb, Gets Injured in the Process

A 22-year-old Iowa City man was arrested this weekend for allegedly slamming his door on a police officer's foot multiple times. According to Iowa City Patch, police officers responded to a noise complain at 2:20 AM yesterday morning. After speaking with the resident, one of the officers stuck his foot in the doorway to prevent him from shutting the door to his apartment. The resident then attempted to shut his door again while the cop's foot was there. The resident was then arrested and charged with interference with official acts and assault causing injury to a police officer. The officer in question was transported by ambulance to one of the local hospitals for treatment.

Here's my question: Did the officer really have the right to use his foot to prevent this man from shutting the door to his home? At least the way the article in the Patch is written, the guy was shutting his door when the cop decided to block the door with his foot. The second time is on the resident, but the officer kind of initiated the situation that led to his injury, IMHO of course.

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