Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Official! Minnesota is the 12th Marriage Equality State!

(Dayton Signing Marriage Bill Into Law)
Earlier this evening, Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL) of Minnesota signed into law a bill that legalizes same-sex marriage! This bill will go into effect on August 1, 2013:
"By your political courage, you join that pantheon of exceptional leaders who did something extraordinary," Dayton said. "You changed the course of history for our state and our nation... Progress has often been difficult, controversial and, initially, divisive. However, it has always been the next step ahead to fulfilling this country’s promise to every American.”
I was not born in Minnesota, but I spent much of my childhood living in that state and I still have family living there. I love Iowa City and the state of Iowa, but there may come a day when it makes more sense for me and my immediate family to move closer to our extended family. When contemplating this hypothetical action in the past, I figured that we'd move to Decorah or some other border community in Iowa. Now our options have broadened considerably.

For the people of Minnesota who disagree with same-sex relationships and who believe that our marriages disrespect your marriages. For those who fear what this might mean for you and your churches and your communities. It will be okay.

Your churches can continue preaching what they have always preached. Your pastors can officiate at any wedding that they want -- just like before. Most likely, Minnesota will adjust to marriage equality just like Iowa did and every other state that has accepted this. Little will change accept that the gay and lesbian families among you will be able to benefit from the marriage laws that had previously been withheld from them.

I celebrate with my brothers and my sisters of the north. This is an exciting new chapter for your state and for this nation. Rejoice!

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