Monday, May 20, 2013

More Details on Kevin Keller's First Gay Kiss

I'm getting quite the reputation these days for writing about Archie Comics' gay teen Kevin Keller and about the level of kissing in his life. Last month, I shared that Archie Comics will feature its first boy-on-boy smooch-fest in KEVIN KELLER #10 after several posts (including this one) discussing his bland dating life. Earlier today, I received notices from two online friends pointing me to an AP article discussing Kevin Keller's first kiss and revealing more story details.

We already knew the basics. Someone sees Kevin and Devon kiss and gets upset. That leads to a public debate about what kind of public displays of affection are appropriate for the streets of Riverdale. The AP story reveals that it won't be one of the Gang who gets upset with the soon-to-be infamous same-sex kiss, but instead somebody's mom:
The Riverdale teen finds his life turned upside down after locking lips with his boyfriend, Devon, in Pop Tate’s diner, drawing the ire of at least one disapproving Riverdale mom. The woman “gets very offended and kind of pitches a bit of a fit,” said Dan Parent, who writes and draws the issue, “Kevin Keller” No. 10 that is released Aug. 7.

“Kevin is kind of used to that, but Veronica records the whole thing and of course uploads it to the Riverdale equivalent of YouTube and that starts a bit of a debate,” said Parent.
 I'm left wondering who the angry mom is going to be. Will it be some random character introduced within the story or will it be one of the Gang's mom? I'm actually hoping for one of the latter. There could be some long-term story potential if it turned out that the parents of one or more of Riverdale Gang started to dislike Kevin's social behavior. For example, what if Reggie's mom forbade him from hanging with Kevin?

Incidentally, there are already a few comments following that AP story. Most of them are upset about the gay kiss. I'm sure they'd be livid if they saw what was going on over in ASTONISHING X-MEN!




I hope Dan Parent gets to draw Kevin Keller kissing his boyfriend more than once in this issue. This one lacks a certain passion; it looks like the kind of kiss you'd give your Aunt Sophie! A little bit of tongue would have sent the right message! I definitely could show Mr. Parent how to draw a hot Gay kiss, couldn't I, Jon?

As I think I've told you before, most Gay men I know don't just KISS. In addition to the locked lips, there are also the roaming hands, the unzipped zippers, the unbuttoned buttons, the twisting, the gripping, the pinching . . . oh, dear! I'd better stop there. I can't say any more, Jon. This is a family-friendly blog, after all!

Jon said...

LOL! I've never seen heavy kissing in any Archie Comics comic book. I'm okay without seeing Kevin and Devon tongue-wrestling. :)


I'll never forget my first Gay kiss. I was a freshman in college (I waited until I was of legal age for the then-illegal relationship I wanted to pursue). To this day, I don't know how my belt buckle came loose in mid-liplock! Some of these dudes really have SKILLS.