Friday, May 31, 2013

Newton Correctional Facility Locked Down Today Due to Inmate Fights

The Newton Correctional Facility in Newton, IA, was placed on lock down status earlier today after several fights between inmates erupted throughout the prison's rec yard. According to Newton Independent, roughly 15 inmates began fighting in the prison yard at about 10:00 AM. Prison guards broke up the fights using chemical agents. Those prisoners have all been put into segregation.

Other inmates were returned to their prison cells. The prison was later transitioned from lock down to restricted movement status. That means that most of the prisoners are stuck in their prison cells, but are allowed limited access to other areas of the prison, such as the meal area and medical appointments. Prison visitations were canceled today, but are expected to resume tomorrow.

I first visited the Newton Correction Facility back in April 2010. I came to meet the birth parent of one of my sons. Unfortunately, I wore shorts and was sent away. Despite my reservations, we returned to the prison and my one son was reintroduced to his incarcerated birth parent. The family member was recently released from prison and we all get together a few times monthly. By and large, this has been a positive relationship.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon I was glad to see this blog, I was looking for updates on the lockdown. I was greeted at the door with a sign that said, "visits cancelled. Will resume at 9:45 on Saturday" after driving quite a distance! I visit Newton frequently. I also have a website that features several of the Newton residents. Check it out at (I'm also a fan of the UCC!) Thanks again Jon

Jon said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I'll be sure to check out your page. :)