Thursday, May 23, 2013

Witches for Equality

I am a huge fan of the old Bewitched television show. The first couple seasons were the absolute best in television programming, if I might say so myself!

Anyway, check out this great pic that's been floating around Facebook recent. It's great!:
It makes sense that Samantha and Endora would be marching for gay liberation. Bewitched featured two prominent gay actors: Dick Sargent (Darren II) and Paul Lynde (Uncle Arthur). It's pretty well known that one of the chief causes for people to re-think their opposition to LGBT rights is that somebody who is G, L, B, or T comes out to them. It's easy to oppose homosexuality when it's a concept. It's harder to oppose it when it's your daughter or your neighbor or your co-worker.



Agnes Moorehead, wow! An amazing lady. The scuttlebutt is that she was deeply closeted Lesbian or Bi; it's a matter of heated dispute, just like the sexual orientations of Rudolph Valentino, Tyrone Power and Spencer Tracy (who were all Bi). But without a doubt, Agnes was one of Hollywood's great character actresses. She was in "Citizen Kane"! She acted in the famous 1938 "War Of The Worlds" radio broadcast that scared the sh*t out of half the country. She won an Emmy Award for a TV appearance on "The Wild, Wild West." She also originated the role of Margot Lane, Lamont Cranston's companion on the old "Shadow" radio series. And you can see her in a bunch of film noir roles. Would she support marriage equality if she were still alive? I'd like to think so. Elizabeth Montgomery, who had many Gay friends, definitely would.

Aquaria said...

I'm almost 100% positive that this is a Photoshop, because the background and their clothes are familiar, something from the TV show. I'll have to look up the exact episode, but I know it's from the show, mid decade. The hair and the gloves are most definitely from the earliest years of the series.

Also, the equal sign is definitely of recent vintage, not from the 60s, when this would have been taken. In fact, that picture is from well before Stonehenge, which means before there were serious gay pride parades for actors to get involved in.

So it's a cute idea to honor some people who were quite advanced in their acceptance of gays or of being gay, in a time when most people were NOT open to the idea at all; however, it is 100% fake.

Jon said...

Yes, it is indeed photoshopped.