Saturday, May 11, 2013

Woman Wants to Weigh 420 Pounds // Wants to Earn $37,000 Annual Income from Fat Fetish Porn

This is sad. Tammy Jung of Los Angeles, CA, currently weighs 231 pounds. She has begun force-feeding herself an average of 5,000 calories every day so that she can increase her weight to 420 pounds.

Here's why: She wants to become a fat fetish model and Internet sex symbol. Once she makes it to 420 pounds, Jung hopes that she will begin earning $3,1000 monthly from her fetish website. That's right. She is actively forcing herself to double her already overweight body and put herself at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes -- not to mention decreased mobility and ability to attend to her personal self-care needs -- so that she can earn an annual income of $37,200. At 420 pounds, the cost of her medical insurance and health care costs will eat up a good chunk of that money.

With a financial goal like that, why not use the money that she's currently using to force-feed herself with and use it instead to go to college or trade school. She could earn the same income, maintain her current weight if she wants, maintain a profession that would hopefully last longer than an Internet porn career, and reduce her long-term risks for some pretty horrible health problems.

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